Jonathan Podwil (1966, Philadelphia) lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

…for many people the appearance of this stuff may be deceptive: I was hooked early on, and my enthusiasm for these paintings, and now the films as well, has continued to grow. Some people however might still have to be encouraged to stop and smell the paint and the acetate. I usually hate making comparisons or even suggesting similitude, but if Goya were still painting today he too would probably enjoy a visit to Podwil’s studio.

-James Wagner

…Podwil’s method involves a painstaking manipulation of his materials, especially in his digitally animated loops, which reveal acts of distortion to the original footage. … (The)violence of everyday life hovers in the air. The images show how the “blur” can give the most seemingly mundane pictures a threatening quality – demonstrating at the same time that media cross pollination is as rich in possibility as ever.

- Gregory Williams, ARTFORUM

…Mr. Podwil’s paintings have at once symbolist charge and postmodern affectlessness…(the) paintings are as much about the state of art as the state of foreign affairs.

- David Cohen, The New York Sun


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