Jonathan Podwil + Claus Prokop States of Matter at Puuul, Vienna

States of Matter is a two person exhibition with Claus Prokop ( at Puuul Space, Stolzenthalergasse 6/1, 1080 Wien/Vienna, Austria. I will be there in person.

Exhibition Dates | September 24 to October 30, 2021. Opening reception | Thursday September 23 from 5pm With an introduction by the writer Daniel Wisser.
Ausstellungsdauer | Freitag, 24. September bis Samstag, 30. Oktober 2021. Eröffnung | Donnerstag, 23. September 2021, ab 17:00 Uhr. Zür Eröffnung spricht Daniel Wisser, Schriftsteller

Opening hours | Thursdays-Saturdays, 3-8 PM and by appointment subject to Covid-19 policy.
Öffnungszeiten | jeweils Donnerstag – Samstag, 15:00 – 20:00 Uhr und nach Vereinbarung unter Einhaltung der Covid-19 Schutzmassnahmen.

The genesis of this exhibition started during lockdown January 2021. Jonathan Podwil and Claus Prokop were e-mailing frequently about politics, the pandemic, and many other subjects.. They had already made an experimental film together, 15 years ago, called <<Einer Nach dem Anderen/One at a Time>>, made by emailing each other Super8 and digital video clips which the other would then respond to. This became a 13 minute “exquisite corpse” style film characterized by a soft and painterly appearance as a result of the necessity to keep the file size small for transfer back then. This film is now in the Ursula Blickle Video Archive (a cooperation of Belvedere 21, the Ursula Blickle Foundation and the University of Applied Arts in Vienna.) and Filmarchiv Austria.

So what better thing to do during lockdown than to make another one using current but simply available means? This resulted in “Open and Accessible” a 5 min 41 sec film about temporary architecture and the use of public space during a global health emergency with a special focus on developments amplified by the pandemic.

In recent years, Podwil’s work has incorporated patterns with increasing frequency, though these patterns are still rooted in photography or the moving image. Claus Prokop has always based his paintings and sculptures on patterns and repetition along with the systematics inherent in them. Despite the obvious differences in their work, there is somehow a degree of overlap which their collaborative film projects tie together. The title of the show “States of Matter” reflects on the morphing forms used in their paintings which have a resemble particles such as viruses, protestors, insurrectionists, molecules and other discreet bodies. There is a symmetry to their work, anchored by the moving image, as there is a symmetry to their life stories; both born the same year, trained in other disciplines before becoming artists, and even in their interests outside of the art world. This is not only their second collaborative film but also their second two-person exhibition together.